Words for your Business

The right words help bring the purpose and ideas of your business to life. The selection of words you use, along with the tone, style and rhythm of the writing, should reflect your company identity and captivate your audience. 

When skilfully crafted, written communication has the power to reassure, inspire, inform and persuade. And ultimately, sell. 

About eloquent ink

I’m a freelance copywriter based in the south coast town of Arundel, West Sussex and create written materials for local, national and international businesses.  You can expect a professional, consultative approach, an efficient service and accurate writing. Whether you need original content or simply have your existing work proofread, I’ll finesse the words for your business.



Professional copywriting

A professional copywriter will find those all-important words that will resonate with your audience. But it's not just that. An expert copywriter has the experience and skill to deliver text that's easy-to-read and that blends beautifully with the rest of your brand.  The power of words, and the benefits of using a professional copywriter to find the right ones, should not be underestimated.