Press Materials For 'Ukulele For Dummies'

Ukulele for Dummies

June 2011 – Ukulele for Dummies, the latest title from the bestselling reference series, guides wannabe ukulele players right the way through from buying their first ukulele to playing a variety of popular tunes. The small, guitar-style instrument, originally from Hawaii, has seen a huge surge in popularity – recent research showed the ukulele was the instrument that had grown most in popularity in the past year. Perhaps the biggest testament to the rise and rise of the ukulele was when the instrument featured in the season one finale of smash US hit, Glee.

A good starter ukulele can be bought for around £30-40, making the ukulele an affordable instrument to learn and its simplicity makes it ideal for first time musicians. Amy Lamé, broadcaster, writer and entertainer, is a huge fan of the diminutive instrument and will be hosting a Ukulele for Dummies session at the iTunes Festival in London on 3rd July to encourage people to take up the instrument, even if they’ve never played anything before. Lorraine Bow, respected Ukulele teacher, will be leading the session with Amy.

Amy commented, “The ukulele is a perfect instrument for musical dummies. Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument or consider yourself completely tone deaf, a few tunes on the ukulele can be mastered in no time and you’ll soon have everyone singing along camp-fire style!”

 Author Alistair Wood, is an accomplished ukulele player, transcriber and arranger. In Ukulele for Dummies, Al provides readers with easy-to-follow instructions to allow them to master simple chord progressions and play in variety of styles including Rock, Punk, Hawaiian and Reggae.