Press Materials For 'Beekeeping For Dummies'

Beekeeping For Dummies

Beekeeping For Dummies, the latest reference book that aims to Make Everything Easier, responds to a huge surge in interest in wannabe honey harvesters. Covering everything from starting a beehive, buying the right equipment and sourcing bees to maintaining a healthy colony and harvesting honey, Beekeeping For Dummies is the ideal guide for beginner beekeepers, anyone taking a beekeeping course or with a general interest in the plight of the honey bee.

In 2011, the British Beekeeping Association has 21,936 members - an impressive increase of 121 per cent in just four years.

In his new book, author and River Cottage teacher David Wiscombe explores the benefits of beekeeping, providing readers with an impressive guide on everything they will need to know about keeping bees of their own.

Inside readers can learn:

  • The latest information on the causes and effects of bee disease, colony collapse disorder, and the impact the sudden disappearance of the honeybee has on our environment and economy
  • Information on beekeeping in the UK, specifically written to address our climate
  • Buying equipment and locating hives
  • Seasonal beekeeping tasks, local beekeeping associations, and updated content on urban beekeeping
  • Techniques and tips for harvesting, bottling, packaging, and selling honey

As the practice of self-sufficiency grows ever more popular, Beekeeping For Dummies is an ideal source of information for anyone wishing to start housing their own bees and bottling their own honey.